Wednesday’s Wish We Were Here: George Inn Hotel

This sounds strange, but I am envious of my mother-in-law.

Isn’t it normally the other way around?  Aren’t they usually envious of us because we get to spend quality time with their precious sons?

Well, not in this case. 

I have a full-fledged case of a sickness that I call “mother-in-law envy.” 

I get it about once a year.

I have good reason, too.   She’s an Anglophile after my own heart. 

You already know what the two of us did together on April 29 of this year, and I even have china to remember our day.

But, while I do laundry, and clean the kitchen three times a day, she travels to merry old England for the Literature Festival in Cheltenham

This is not her first trip.  She’s been to England more times than I think I may have fingers.  But, she's raised her kids.  It's her time in life to explore. 

Each time, she stays in very charming properties.   She stayed in six inns on this particular trip to the English countryside.

This was her inn for one night. 

I, of course, diligently studied her hotel itinerary, and shrieked when I saw this 700-year-old property.  

There are not a lot photos on the site to share, but she told me she loved it there.  She said her room was cozy despite the dark wood, and large rooms.  The food was outstanding, and it is a place she would definitely return.

Check it out.  You may just find yourself envious of my mother-in-law, too. 

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