Some Days I Feel Like the Fish Who Fell In the Teapot

For the past three nights, I've been reading the book, Cat in the Hat.  That's what you read when you have a five-year-old in kindergarten who is learning to read.  We are still 15 pages away from the end, which is page 65 by the way.  But, who's counting?  No, not me!

My son is actually doing the reading.  I'm just helping with words that he does not know.  I'm very proud of him, but let's just say it is a SLOW process after a long, tiring day.  I must admit that I miss doing the reading.  It was kind of therapeutic to cuddle, and read a great children's story after a long day.

As I sit in his bed each night, I relate to the goldfish who landed in the teapot after the craziness brought on by the Cat in the Hat.   I spend a lot of days telling my  own Thing One and Thing Two, "No, No, No!"  and "Stop this right now!"

This is a little example of how one chocolate, birthday cupcake can erupt craziness in our house before the bedtime hour.    And yes, she is pantless again!  This video is post dinner after we removed her pants because they were covered in spaghetti.  She was a mess!

Yep! That's my Thing One and Thing Two.

In my Hines-Sight, I should have done a Cat in the Hat Party for Baby Diva's birthday.   Look at these cute marshmellow pops I found on Pinterest.  They look easy to make, but I'm sure mine would be lopsided.  We may have to make them anyway on a day where we have nothing to do.

These cupcakes would delight the guests.

This red polka-dot dress would definitely bring the mom's dress to life from the book.   Va Va Voom!  Watch the $635 Valentino dress, kids!

But in reality, all I really want  to bring to life, is the cat's dynamic cleaning machine because when you live with a Thing One and Thing Two, you can pretty much bet you'll find a big mess any given day.

Good thing I have Clorox to tackle those pants with the spaghetti. Right?

Oh yeah, it would be nice to finish the book, too.  We can then move on to Green Eggs and Ham.

Have a great weekend! We're still celebrating Baby Diva's birthday.  We're taking her and Thing One to make her own very stuffed animal today.  Will she choose a cat in a hat?

We'll see you back here next week. 

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