Bowling with a Wuf and a Ram { Plus Giveaway}

It’s no secret that I do some crazy things.

Like dressing up my daughter in her brother’s N.C. State hand-me-downs and trying to get her to say, “Go Wolfpack.”

Won’t I ever learn that toddlers have minds of their own?

And don’t worry, Carolina fans; I will have this book about Rameses under our tree. It is my alma-mater, after all.


But the Rameses book is popular and sells out a lot.  I haven’t got my hands on a copy yet.  

In fact, all Mascot books are a hot item year-round, but especially during the holidays.  Everyone wants their favorite team’s sweatshirt and a Mascot book under the tree.  I know I do for my kids.

Guess what? I’ve got a great surprise for you just in time for you to cheer on your favorite teams in this year’s bowl games.  I’ve teamed up with Mascot Books to give my readers a chance to win one book featuring their favorite team’s mascot from the children’s books for college.  I’m going to give FIVE readers this opportunity. Mascot Books has all the teams in stock that are going to bowl games this year except Oklahoma State.  Unfortunately, Pistol Pete and his journey around the campus of Oklahoma State are currently sold out.  Also, your team doesn’t have to be going to a bowl to win.  If you win, you can choose any team in Mascot Books’ original collegiate section.

Clemson will be playing in the Discover Orange Bowl.  Kind of fitting based on their colors.

Big Al is going to New Orleans for the AllState BCS National Championship Game.  He'll  meet up with Mike from LSU.

What happens if there is not a book about your favorite team?  Well, I suggest you write your own version and have Mascot Books publish it.  Mascot Books is always looking for new authors, and your book doesn’t have to be about mascots, either.  It just needs to be a children’s book.  If you are an aspiring author, Mascot Books will help you edit, illustrate, publish, and sell your book through their children’s book self-publishing program

Remember earlier when I said it was no secret that I do crazy things?  Well, my son and I were sitting around the table one night creating a story about a zucchini in the yellow, polka-dotted bikini and all the crazy characters she could meet along the way.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll see our story come to life one day with the help of  Mascot Books. 

In the meantime, I’m going to say “Go Pack!” and “Go Tar Heels!”  Good luck with your bowl games. 

Can't wait to win until the 19th to find out if you won my giveaway?  Want a mascot book it in time for Christmas?  Get it now with 25% off all collegiate books using the discount code, "holiday."

I’m trying Rafflecopter to run this giveaway because they do everything for you, including selecting a winner at random draw.  I have lots of shopping to do so I need all the outside help I can get right now.   All you have to do is enter a comment on the blog, tell me your favorite team (because I'm nosy like that) then go back to the Rafflecopter box, and hit "I did this".  It will tell you what to do so that it can enter you in the drawing.   All the other options in the box are additional entries and are not required for the drawing.  Good luck, and I’ll announce five winners by Monday, December 19.  If you don't want to enter the contest, but still want to leave a comment then you do not have to do the steps in the Rafflecopter box, but I do hope you consider joining me on Facebook or Twitter

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