Learning the Lesson of Giving One Hot Cocoa at a Time

As parents, it’s our responsibility to teach our children that Christmas is about more than just presents.  It’s also about giving, reaching out, and helping others in need.  Sure, teaching him to give is easy, but teaching him why some people need help isn’t as simple, especially, when your own child has pajamas, a coat, food, and a warm bed to sleep in every night.  Unfortunately, some children are not as lucky.  It’s hard for my five-year-old to comprehend that another child may not have these necessities.  These things, as well as holiday presents, are always there for him in his home. 

On Saturday, two of my son’s friends from his school sold hot cocoa in their neighborhood to raise money to provide Christmas presents and groceries for homeless children in the Raleigh area.  I saw this as a perfect opportunity to drive home the lesson about the true meaning of Christmas, and to also teach a little lesson in journalism, too.  The rest of this story is by my son, who I refer to as Mr. Cool on this blog because he is rarely without his infamous sunglasses.

Holiday Guest Post by "Mr. Cool Hines", age 5. 

Meet Kate.  She's in my class at school.

Jack, her twin brother, is in another kindergarten class at our school, but we play together on the playground. 

They were selling hot chocolate in order to help kids in our area who really need our help.  The money that Jack and Kate raised will buy Christmas presents and groceries for children who don't have homes. 

Some of my other friends from school came, too.  Jack and Kate sold hot chocolate for two hours.  It was really good, too.  I'm happy that I could help support their cause.  My mom tells me that my donation will help other kids have a merry Christmas, too.

Back to you, Mom!

I think the kids enjoyed selling the hot chocolate, but they also got in some great playtime, and left their mom and dad with their hot cocoa stand in-between customers.   This deed was a great way for these parents to teach a wonderful message to their children.  All proceeds from the hot cocoa fundraiser will benefit the Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network.  This organization accepts donations all year, and also has a list of material needs on its wish list.  It's touching to see all the services that they provide to families. 

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