A Little Tarheel Holiday Cheer

I want to end this week by sharing something with you that makes me smile.

Each one of these holiday cards has a little story.  Hopefully, a very merry one. The tiny footprints are real.

These adorable Baby Prints cards are designed by Karen Thaxton, a nurse who works in the Newborn Critical Care Center at N. C. Children's Hospital  All of the tiny hand and foot prints on these cards are the actual size of the babies who donated them.

All proceeds from these Kids Cards are used to fund novel and unique programs aimed at enriching the lives of pediatric patients and their families at the North Carolina Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  This card called "Rejoice" is beautiful, and is the artwork of a pediatric patient.

These children have such talent.  I pray that they are now well, and are at home with their families this holiday.   A child from Raleigh,who is the exact same age as my son, designed this special Christmas tree.   I  get a lump in my throat when I think about it because I feel so blessed that my children are currently healthy.

Since its inception in 1985, Kids Cards has funded such programs as: camperships for burn victims, bilingual education materials, special car seats for children in full body casts; and memory book supplies for neonatal and pediatric intensive care units.

Take a moment to browse through the wonderful card collection this year, and learn more about this wonderful program.  Cards can be ordered online. They can also be purchased regionally at Harris Teeter, and other retail outlets.   There are so many beautiful ones that it is hard to have a favorite, but I love this one.

Have a wonderful weekend! Hope you are getting your holiday shopping complete.  I still have more to do because it seems that I am a last-minute gal. 

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