Moving on to Birthday Candles

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  Our holiday has been picture perfect, and a lot of fun for my children.

We still have our tree up in our family room, but now we're getting out the birthday candles. That is, if we can find them among the after-Christmas clutter.  

My birthday is today, and my son will be six at the end of the week.  I used to dislike having my birthday so close to Christmas, but after many, many years, I've come to realize that it's a special time of year to celebrate a birthday.  Everyone is usually relaxed and still a little merry.  Also, you can buy whatever you didn't get under the tree for Christmas.  It's not so bad after all.

Baby Diva learned to sing "Happy Birthday!"for her preschool Christmas performance.   She nor my son will be winning X-Factor anytime soon, but they gave us an impromptu performance on Christmas before bed.  We are still the proud parents nonetheless.  And I bet that the sweet little kiss on the cheek was purely for the camera.  You be the judge.

So in-between taking down the Christmas tree, and eating a bite of birthday cake this week, I wish you a happy new year.  

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