Hotel of the Week: 200 Main in Highlands, N.C.

Did you know that motel-chic is now in style as a place to stay when traveling?  It's cool to stay at older properties that perhaps looked a little, shall we say "economy" 20 years ago. Hotel owners with a sense of style are turning these dated properties into fabulous places to stay for a getaway that has the characteristics of a luxury hotel, but without the luxury hotel prices. Case in point is 200 Main in Highlands, N.C

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I visited its sister property, Old Edwards Inn and Spa, last spring. Old Edwards Inn  is ultra lux, full-service, and one of my favorite hotels in N.C. In a nutshell, it's dreamy, but....and isn't there always a but? Old Edwards Inn and Spa can be out of some traveler's budget for various reasons. And it's not because they can't afford it, but rather, some traveler's would rather put costs in other places such as in restaurants, excursions, airfare, lots of travel, or even fashion. Designer boots will stay with you all autumn and winter. A hotel room is one night. Trust me, I get it.

200 Main in Highlands, NC, affordable-lux inn, charming inns in N.C. mountains.

This is where 200 Main comes into play as the type of hotel to consider or seek out when traveling if you like the look and basic amenities of upscale hotel rooms, but don't care about luxury extras.  200 Main is basically the type of property I discussed with you for my Savannah trip. However, traveler's going to the mountain town of Highlands are just lucky because 200 Main is an independent hotel that is very unique to its area. Taking a nod from its sister property, it offers guests frette linens, and heated tile floors in the bathroom. Rooms are not cookie-cutter in style.

Nightly rates are kept affordable because the hotel is not full-service. There is no room service. There is not a restaurant on property, but the hotel does offer complimentary muffins, fruit, and coffee in the Terrace Room each morning.

The property has a pool. It's family-friendly, and it is close to the action in Highlands. Are you ready for this? Summer and fall are peak times for this area of N.C.  When things are in demand, rates are still under $200 a night. Rates typically hover from $105 to $160 depending on demand and room. There is a minimum stay of two nights during the weekend, especially during peak autumn. Old Edwards Inn and Spa is known for its gorgeous destination weddings. With the addition of this new property in its portfolio,Old Edwards Hospitality Group,can give guests a more affordable option for lodging while in town. This hotel is sure to be a splash of success.

mountainside pool in N.C. mountains

I've not yet seen 200 Main in person. I've been invited to visit, but Highlands is almost seven hours from Raleigh.  For a quick weekend, it's tough to get there.My family couldn't make it up this summer due to other travel plans.  After my stay in Old Edwards Inn and Spa though, I trust this hospitality group 100 percent,which is why I'm recommending this inn as a new option for some travelers in Highlands.

Fall is a glorious time in our mountains. Put the area on your travel list.

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