Southern Chat: Loving Nature with Luxury Treehouse Accommodations

I sometimes get a bad rap because I don't want to camp. People joke, "Well, you can't really enjoy nature if you don't rough it." That is complete hogwash. One can enjoy nature in many ways, but for those who like nature with a lot of luxury on the side then this post is for you.

This Spring, I visited the Primland Resort in Meadows of Dan, Virginia. Nature is all around you here, and there is certainly no roughing it at all. The price tag reflects that, too. But, how is this for being in the middle of nature?

luxury treehouse in Virginia, The Primland Resort, Mountain views

I did not stay in the Primland tree houses when visiting because the elevation is so high that children are not allowed. But, if you are traveling for a romantic getaway then I think this space would be divine.

You can find nature in the Caribbean, too. The Kanopi House, an eco-friendly resort in Jamaica near Blue Lagoon is just dreamy.

luxury treehouse hotels

Caring for the environment as well as the community, Kanopi House artwork and décor accents are designed and sourced locally. From laundry hampers and wastebaskets woven from Jamaican banana leaf, to tableware, linens, planters and lampshades - each piece is handcrafted by the island’s skilled tradesmen and produced in the traditional island manner. 

Each villa has a winding path down to the sea. This is a very small resort, but a couple of treehouses are designed for families with children over the age of 7. I really think that I'm going to put this experience on my list for a future stay

And treehouses can be found in urban areas, too. This tree house is a vacation rental within the Berlin forest and is within 15 minutes of the town centre by train. 

urban luxury  treehouse

 The treehouse was decorated by stylists with Urbanara, a German company that specializes in high-quality goods without the high-price tag. 

I think it's charming, and perfect for an urban city vacation in style. 

Urbanara's blog gives you the scoop on how you can achieve a similar look for your own treehouse paradise. 

Have a great week. I'll be back with a hotel of the week photo soon. 

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