#OutaboutNC: My favorite places to get coffee in Greater Raleigh

I saw on Facebook that today is #NationalCoffeeDay. Well, every day is coffee day for me in my hometown. As I sit at my desk writing this today, I'm drinking a k-cup at home. This week's brew is Trader Joe's French Roast. I like it, and it is quite a bargain for under $5 for 12 cups. But truthfully, I cannot wait to be in Italy in a few weeks, and chat over a cup of coffee with my Skimbaco editor, Katja Presnal.

Coffee in Italy

Unless you brew the absolute best coffee at home, coffee is so much better in a locally-owned coffee shop, especially when the coffee is roasted local. I do get around to coffee shops in my hometown. It's my guilty pleasure and one of the ways I live like a tourist (or maybe I should say, a European) in my own hometown.

In honor of  National Coffee Day, here are some of my favorite haunts (in no particular order) in Greater Raleigh. When my coffee is served in a mug then I get really happy. I prefer ceramic when I sit somewhere and sip. That's the luxury side of me, I guess.

city market in Raleigh, N.C. coffee shops

Benelux Coffee: This coffee shop was located in Raleigh's historic city market area, and I featured it as a favorite when I explored the market's sweeter side.  They are about to open a new location at Cameron Village, and I look forward to that one because I'm known to swing by Cameron Village a lot.

coffee shops in Raleigh, La Farm Bakery

La Farm Bakery in Cary: I'm not on this side of town in Cary often, but when I am, it's like my Audi just wants to pull into the parking lot, and order a latte and a pain au chocolat. La Farm also teaches some great baking classes. When you step in, you forget that you are in N.C.

coffee shops in Raleigh, pretty coffee in Raleigh, gourmet shops, BREW in downtown Raleigh

BREW Coffee Bar: This is new to Raleigh, but I like it because it's easy to park, and a nice to place to sit. I love the Italian Amaretti cookie. They have cold Nitro brew, too, but I love to stick with my pretty coffees. I featured the Nitro Brew on Skimbaco.

coffee shops in Greater Raleigh, pastries in Greater Raleigh

Fresca Cafe and Gelato: This is shop is located in Waverly Place near Whole Foods in Cary.  I bribe my kids with gelato so I can get a pretty coffee now and then. Easy parking, too.

Bakery and coffee shop in Raleigh, YellowDog Bakery

YellowDog Bakery: I get coffee here when I'm hungry for a scone. Great scones baked here in the Mordecai area in downtown Raleigh. I usually get a regular cup of coffee with cream and sugar here. For me, it's about the scones first because it is a bakery. Coffee sure is good with it though. I also like it because I can pull right in front of the building and park. Guess you can tell that I like park at places easily.

Common Ground Coffee in Apex, N.C., small coffee shop in Raleigh area

Common Grounds Coffee Shop:  This little coffee shop is in historic Apex on main street. It serves ice cream, too. Again, bribe my kids with ice cream so I can take a coffee break.

coffee in downtown cary, Gather

Gather Coffee Shop: I joke now and say I can spend some time in downtown Cary now because they finally have a coffee shop. Gather is just a cute place...well, to gather. All of its coffee drinks are brewed coffee-based using a local roaster.

coffee shops in Raleigh, Sola Coffee Cafe

Sola Coffee Cafe: I am not here as often as my blogging friends, but I had to mention it because it's such a cute place. If it was near my home, I would have to stop in daily. Fresh, local food and hot minis are served with a beautiful coffee in a red mug. It's a good 30 minutes away from home, but maybe if I give them enough publicity they will open a second location on my side of town.

coffee shops in Raleigh

There are some great coffee shops in the Triangle, and I have been to others that I love, too like Raleigh Times and Joule in downtown Raleigh, too.

Go ahead. Tell me your favorite coffee shop in your hometown. If I'm in your town, I may just try it.  All photos except the great photo above by @TriangleExplorer have been featured on my @HinesSightBlog Instagram account. Follow me there, and get a cup of coffee virtually with me, especially next month in Italy.

Favorite Places to Get Coffee in Greater Raleigh

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