Frivolous Friday: How do you Recharge Your Parent Batteries?

It seems like an eternity now, but I remember the days when I would take a day off from work and do whatever I wanted.  For me, that actually meant doing very little.  I would retreat in my home, watch movies, read, and, before I knew it, the day had ended.

I was never one who packed a day off from work filled with busy activities from shopping to spa to lunch to cocktails to dinner.  To me, that was more busy than fun.  If only I knew then what I know now I would have done a lot of fun, busy days, too.

Since becoming a parent, my attitude on the shopping and spa day has taken a 360-degree turn. I long for either day — pure quiet or a fun day of shopping, eating, and being pampered. Trust me, if either option were given to me on “Let’s Make A Deal,” I would consider either one like winning the lottery at this stage in my life.

As a parent, there really are no days off. 

My loves. They wear me out though. 
Sure, my schedule is a little bit more relaxed than when I was working, but I always have some type of little person by my side, in the house taking up space, and making some type of noise.  There is no mute button on the children’s voices, either.  I checked.  I was hoping to find it when I was searching for the mute button on battery-powered toys.  No such luck!

The other fun day with shopping to spa to dinner costs a lot for a parent because you have to factor in the childcare on top of the other costs.  That same $70 dollar blouse actually costs you $100 when you factor in childcare that it took to find the blouse in the first place.  That great blouse no longer looks like a great buy, does it?  But that’s our life now.  It is what it is.

But, as parents, we need to do what we need to do to recharge our batteries.  It’s imperative, or else our patience becomes thin, and we feel ragged.  I was in that state.  I had gotten to that point.

For me, an overnight without my children was the recharge I needed. 

Before my trip to the Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge in February, my husband and I had not been out of town alone in two years.  It was long overdue and such a welcomed break.

Believe it or not, I didn’t spend that time being lazy, either.  I had a jam-packed day while staying at the  in Charlotte. When I returned to Raleigh, I felt recharged.  I felt refreshed and renewed.

I desperately needed that recharging.  And I’m confident that I was a better parent because of it.  My patience was better.  The noise doesn’t bother me as badly.  I think I went way too long without recharging.  All parents need to take some time for themselves. 

I think I need to do it again. 

When was the last time you recharged? 
 How do you recharge your parent batteries?

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