Frivolous Friday: Where's Your Favorite Place to "Beach" It?

On warm weather weekends, Raleigh gets a little deserted. That's the North Carolina advantage of being able to reach the coast in just over two hours. The temperatures are expected to be as high as 85 degrees, and that means many people will start heading to the coast for a few days of beach fun.

I'm working on a feature of great seaside hotel for next week, and it has really caused me to start thinking about the beach.

A vintage beach photo circa 2008 in Topsail Beach, NC.  Mr. Cool was two. 

Let's get a beach conversation started, and salute some of our favorite coastal communities. 

Where do you like to "Beach" It?

East Coast or West Coast?
The Caribbean or Mediterranean?
The Jersey Shore or the Carolinas?
Beach House or Resort? 

Share it all with me.

In the meantime, you can revisit some of my beach vacations herehere, and here.   And next week, I'll have you really wanting to sit by the ocean with a cute little drink in your hand. 

Happy weekend!

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