A Simply Southern Easter

I’m taking a few days off from writing to enjoy my tenth year wedding anniversary dinner, the rest of spring break, and, of course, Easter. I’m hosting the usual suspects (my friend Mitch, my mom, and mother-in-law) on Sunday afternoon. My kids will have a little Easter egg hunt in our yard, and, hopefully, we’ll enjoy a simple meal on the screened porch.

When I saw author Michael Lee West’s purple tablescape on her blog, Rattlebridge Farm, it truly gave me the inspiration for the mood and menu that I want to create this Easter.

Rattlebridge Farm

Last year, a tornado hit our yard the week before Easter, so I had to cancel an egg hunt, and the entire yard was an eyesore. We were fortunate that it did not damage our home, but we couldn't enjoy the outside at all for a lot of spring.  Well, this year, much to my husband’s dismay, his lawn tractor died, and the tractor repairman is so busy that our little red tractor can’t be seen for its appointment until two weeks after Easter.

So our grass will be a little taller than normal, but that will just mean that it will be more challenging for the kids to find the hidden eggs. Hmm, maybe it will take them twice as long and keep them busy. Maybe it’s a little Easter blessing, after all!

Our backyard with extra tall grass
Enjoy this special holiday with your families. We’ll be enjoying a very simple Southern meal of spiraled ham, potato salad, marinated asparagus, and shoe-peg corn salad. Most of the recipes are courtesy of a collection of recipes by the Raleigh Junior League. However, the star of the meal will be my mother-in-law’s deviled eggs. Without them, it just wouldn’t seem like Easter.

What entrée do you serve that makes Easter so special in your home?

From my family to yours, Happy Easter!

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