Proud as Peacocks: Why I Support the Arts in Schools

My husband and I were strutting around like peacocks a few weeks ago.

What is it about school performances that make you boast with pride?

Our son played the part of “One” in the nursery rhyme “Buckle My Shoe” at his elementary school’s kindergarten musical production.  His only lines were “one” and “buckle my shoe.”  Someone else said “two.”  He did a few kicks and bounces, and that was about it.

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 His part was small, but as proud as we were, you would have thought he was starring on Broadway.  I’m sure many other parents felt the same about their children.

I’m a big advocate of the arts, and we chose our elementary school because of its strong arts curriculum.  Along with his core courses, he takes special classes in dance, art, music, and drama.  The kindergarten teachers produced this production with the help of the arts department at our school.

Unfortunately, as public school budgets tighten, the arts curriculum gets cut first in most schools. I hate to hear this because I strongly believe that the arts enrich education, and they make a child well-rounded, poised, and confident.

As I sat in the audience, I saw confidence exude on stage as at least 100 children danced, sang, and acted out nursery rhymes.  Every child did well, and it seemed as if they all had a great time, too.

No doubt this was the hottest ticket in town and a standing-room-only show.  Cameras clicked, and the kids felt like stars.

My son beamed the greatest smile ever as his biggest fan, his little sister, yelled his name like he was a “rock star” on stage.

Mr. Cool , decked out in his red costume, and Baby Diva are  in his classroom after his school performance. The other night after dinner, Baby Diva did his entire performance on top of the outdoor coffee table. 
I know as parents you all have experienced this feeling, too, at some time or another.  I think it’s a rite of passage in parenting, but this was our first time seeing our son on stage in this manner, and we just can’t help being as proud as two peacocks.

Let's keep supporting the arts in our schools. 

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