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I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday with your family.  We could not have asked for a more perfect Carolina day, and my plan of a simple, Southern Easter on our screened porch worked well for our family.  I received such an overwhelming response from that post last week that I thought I should follow-up today with a few photos, or else, I would feel that I gave you a story without an ending.

The menu that I planned was absolutely effortless, and a lot of the dishes were assembled the night before Easter.  On Easter day, we enjoyed family time outside, and on the porch.

screened porch entertaining
Our simple table on the porch.  I bought Gerber Daisies and Irises from Trader Joes for less than $10.
Will arranged them for me.  I have no talent in this area, but he is neat, patient, and gets the job done. 

Love the colors of Easter eggs in the green grass.  My new shoe is as bright as an Easter egg

This was the first year that Baby Diva truly got the idea of what she was supposed to do on an egg hunt. 

I hammed it up for everyone this year.  The ham came from Trader Joe's, and I just warmed it. Can you say easy? 

My side dishes except for the deviled eggs all came from Raleigh Junior Leagues's cookbook. 

A simple Easter buffet.  I fell in the love with the napkins at Fresh Market

easy, marinated asparagus
Marinated asparagus.  This was my mom's favorite dish.  She doesn't cook, but now wants
the recipe.  I told her that I would share it on the blog later this month because it's perfect for
Spring luncheons. 

My mother-in-law's deviled eggs.  In my personal recipe book, I call them
"Ha Ha's deliciously devilish eggs"

easy, shoe peg corn salad.
Shoe-Peg Corn Salad which is a family favorite. 

The Trader Joe's ham was outstanding.

Mr. Cool, eats with his shades, of course when he is outdoors. He is the deviled egg eater in our family.
I think he ate three before one could say, "Happy Easter!"

And finally, I just had to share this special photo from Easter morning.  The Easter bunny brought Baby Diva a little Minnie Mouse.  I would say it was love at first sight.

A new friend for my little love. I'm so happy that my camera caught this special Easter moment. 
We are slowly getting back into our school routine today.  Our Spring Break was refreshingly nice, and it gave me a little taste of lazy, summer days.

I hope you had a nice break, too.

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