Surprise! Surprise! Test Run Reveals We Need Improvement

Thanks to my booking four weeks of morning summer camp for my 5-year old, we’re now experiencing an early “test run” on how our lives will be once school starts in August.  We're passing the test, but probably with the grade C minus.  We did okay on week one, but I was exhausted and really, really lazy on Saturday morning.  This week is even more like the “real thing” because all of us need to be fed, dressed, and out of the house no later than 8:30 a.m.  This week has been tougher.  I'm not going to lie. 

On the Go!

Wonder what I will be like this Saturday?  Today, I feel as if I have been hit by a truck due to going to bed too late all week, and rising earlier to get all that I want to do in the morning accomplished.  We have not met our goal of 8:30 a.m. on three out of the five days week.   Today, will not be any better because I'm writing this when I should be showering or exercising. Yeah, the stats aren't good.   We pulled out of the driveway at 8:45 a.m. yesterday, and successfully made it by 9:00 a.m. to our destination, but it was frantic and stressful drive.  At one point, my son told me he had motion sickness because I kept making abrupt stops at the lights. I looked through the rear view mirror and told my son, "We need to improve tomorrow. This can't happen again."

Uh, I saw you roll  your eyes.  You’re thinking: “But your son has been in preschool. This should be old hat to you.”
True, but I always went to preschool with my wet hair in a clip and my daughter in her PJs.  I was usually late, frazzled, and that was all within a quick, five-minute ride from my home.  This fall will be the real deal.  We can’t be late, and I don’t want to look like the mom who doesn’t have her act together. Our school will be about 15 minutes away, but we’re happily making that commute since it was our choice to enter the county’s magnet program
The biggest change, however, is actually for me — not my kids. Sure, my son has had to rise earlier, but he’s usually up anyway.  I’m the one who needs to figure out how much time I need in the morning in order to get us out the door on time. It’s been hard because I’ve had to really cut down on my time-sucking Internet addiction.  It's like there is a little devil on my mouse, "Oh, just one more tweet! You have time."  That is pure hogwash.  One tweet turns into two plus an e-mail, and it slips even more time off the clock. 

I’ve had to reduce time on the computer in order to fit a morning exercise routine into my schedule, as well as a shower, and still be able to walk out the door — fully dressed — with my hair dry. 
So far, I have told myself every morning that I need more time. Much to my husband’s dismay, he may start hearing an alarm before 6 a.m.  I just need that personal time in the morning.  I need that time to process the day.  I wish I was a “get up and run out the door” person, but I like my cup of tea, email checks, and a chance to see the day’s news, even though it may be via twitter or Facebook. I also really like two cups of tea, but after my test run this week, I am learning to sip the second one while drying my hair and applying makeup.  In the fall, I may have to resort to sipping the second cup of tea in the car on the way to school.
That’s why they make those cute little Lilly Pulitzer thermal cups, though, right? It’s for all of us moms on the go. 
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Excited to join the club, and to get my thermal mug.   Kindergarten, here we come.  Hopefully, on time!

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Part of today's post was originally written for my weekly column with the Raleigh News and Observer's Triangle Mom2Mom website.


  1. Oh how I remember those kind of mornings! Your on the right track though with getting a schedule set up. Goods luck, and I look forward to seeing how it all works out for you.

  2. My daughter often sleeps until after 8 , and goes to sleep way too late! We need to start practicing for next month, too. Luckily, Root doesn't start until 9:15!

  3. You are on the right track. I have been out of our normal routine for a month now. Next week I have to be up an "at 'em" earlier since daycare will be back open. I've still been on a schedule it's just allowed me to be a little later. Rude awakening coming to a home near me real soon.

  4. Thanks. I was not out of the house by 8:30 am, but still did better. Downside today. No exercise today...again, but I did have a good hour of lounging time with my tea and internet. Sacrifices, I guess.

  5. I'm with you--I need my personal "email time" in the morning but usually don't leave enough time for it and end up running late because I squeeze it in anyway!

  6. It is so hard getting mine out of the house in the mornings during the school year....and we have to leave no later than 6:50 am! It kills me just thinking about it!

  7. I'm thankful that I have afternoon carpool duty. My friend has the mornings.One thing that has saved my life with getting the kids dressed in the morning is those hanging shelf organizers for the closet that have the days of the week printed on them. Each Sunday, I fill those suckers up with their outfits for the day and that way we don't have any melt downs about what they are going to wear or looking for clean clothes that match!

  8. Lorri, 6:50 am is early. You've got me beat. That's hard! Kristi, great ideas! I have a feeling you are very well organized person.

  9. No bus? My kids are at a magnet school too and they take a bus. We have to walk out the door at 7:15. Early, yes, but I'm back at home by 7:30 without having seen anyone. I always have my first cup of coffee on the way to the bus.

    It is no doubt a transition, but such a good one! I guess you'll appreciate it more when your 2nd enters school and you get the whole day to yourself!!

  10. I SO need to reduce morning internetting, too!


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