Summertime Memories: Rockin the Baby!

As I sat on the beach this week, watching my two children loving life, I couldn't help, but think about their first trips to the beach.  There wasn't much fun in the sun, but they sure looked cute in their swimsuits!  It took more time getting on their swimsuits, and putting on sunscreen than time actually spent on the shore.

This was my son in 2006.  He was six-months old for his first beach trip.

This was my daughter's first trip last year. She was seven-months old.  Now that I'm looking at both of these photos side-by-side, it almost looks like the same baby in different clothes and the same sunglasses. What do you think?

Here they are side-by-side on their second beach trip of this year.  Lucky kids!

We just spent a few days in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at my mom's beach house and are glad to be home.  I'll tell you more about the trip later that ended with a trip to the Emergency Room.  This little one fell down the beach house stairs yesterday and gave us quite a scare.  Thankfully, she is fine.

My thanks to Shell, with Things I Can't Say, for allowing me to go down memory lane.  My Summertime Memories post is part of her special series, Rockin' The Baby!  We're all catching Baby Fever!

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