My Covers Were So Right! Stream of Consciousness Sunday

In May, I met Raleigh blogger, Fadra (pronounced Fey-druh). She's been blogging for awhile.   I love to learn from her, and read her funny posts.  She chose to have children a little later in life, too.  We hit if off.  Every Sunday, she has what she calls a "brain dump" or writing in the raw where you just write what is on your mind for five minutes.  No spell check! , No editing, just raw writing.  I've been wanting to join her on this writing project for awhile so here it goes.  The timer starts now!

My Covers Were So Right

As a parent of young children, this may be hard to believe, but I actually stayed in the bed until 8:45 am.  I guess pigs are flying somewhere!  It was like being at a luxury hotel with a "Do Not Disturb" sign on my door.  My son actually came in our room at 8:10 am to tell us what the time said on the clock, but he actually climbed in the middle of our new king-sized bed and lounged quietly with us.  My daughter was still snoozing away in her room, and I dozed on and off in the comfort of perfectly positioned covers.  It was like being on a cloud.  Well, I've never been on a cloud, but advertisers make you think being on a "cloud" is a good thing.

We recently upgraded from a queen to a king-sized bed, but we have been slow to get bedding for our bed.  We borrowed king sheets from my mom for awhile.  During that transition, I could never get my covers or pillows right.  Apparently, having the right weight on my body and having my pillows positioned just right, are important components to my nightly sleep ritual.   If they are not positioned a certain way then I don't sleep well.  This not-sleeping well went on for several weeks.  It was quite frustrating!  Here, we had a new comfy bed, new king pillows, and I felt as if I was awake half the night.   That's not quite the feeling you want to have when you just paid close to $2,000 for a new mattress.

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I went to my mom's place at the beach and slept on her king bed there.  Her mattress is not as comfy as our new one, but yet I slept well.   Why?  I realized it was because of the blanket.  Problem solved.  We now have a new blanket on our bed, and I'm tossing the new king pillow to the side, and am using my two old pillows.  Apparently, I like things a certain way.

It's great that this "Princess and the Pea" finally got a good night's sleep and lounged lazily close to 9 am because I will be on child duty all day as my husband goes into the office and works on the yard.  Don't you just envy me?  Beginning tomorrow morning, my son has morning camps for four weeks straight so today was the only day to lounge.

I'm so glad I finally got those covers right!

Time's up.

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