Packing Up, Heading Out, But Not Before Checking "What Kate Wore"

I have bags to pack, bills to pay, laundry to put away, and a lot more to do before Mr. Piggybank can pack the car.  We're packing the DVD again, and taking a little road trip to MiMa's beach house in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina  It will be a short trip, but good to get-away, get some fried shrimp and hushpuppies in Calabash, NC, and get in a game or two of putt-putt.

Myrtle Beach has miniature golf courses and an inexpensive bathing suit/t-shirt store on about every corner.  I'm kind of joking, but not!  My son always picks out the miniature golf course that he'll play on his "next" visit as we're driving out of town.  I think he announced that it was going to be the one with "Dinosaurs" this trip.  He's been talking about it for days.

We live about three hours from the Grand Strand, and I have a long history with the place.  I spent my summers in college there interning at the local CBS TV station.  I was a wide-eyed, preppy, 20-year-old,  hungry for the TV news business.  I spent almost every day with the news crew covering every inch of the Grand Strand.  I spent every evening with the cute, TV sports announcer not covering the news.   There are some good memories from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and luckily, my oldest child is building them, too---one putt-putt course at a time.

But before we get on the road,  I have to share with you some more of my frivolous side.   I've been combing about four or five Internet sites daily to get the latest photos from, you know, that royal tour in Canada. 

Phil Noble / Reuters

Yesterday, I discovered the best thing since sliced bread.  Okay, I'm exaggerating a little, but it's a great website for a person like me who cares about this type of news or non-news, if you asked my former news director.  I indirectly learned about the website from a tweet by my blogging friend, Suburban Princess.  Thank goodness that I'm nosy enough to read tweets and go back in the timelines for things I may have missed. If not, I would still be searching the internet for my photos instead of finding them in one great place.

The website is called, "What Kate Wore"  The founder of the site is Susan Kelley,  a former TV Journalist like me, and she's really good at covering what the Duchess of Cambridge wears in the public eye, and out of the public eye.   The details are amazing.  This blog is an extension of her main online business, The Preppy Princess.

This is just a quick bit from yesterday's appearance in Calgary.

Via "What Kate Wore"

Appropriately, this is Temperley’s “Rodeo Shirt” in a silk/cotton blend that looked crisp and cool.

Via What Kate Wore
The shirt combines the best traits of a classic tuxedo shirt with western styling

As you can see, the piece is sheer, with a ruffled placket, extended cuffs, and pleating on the shoulders, it is £445.

See what I mean? All I can say is that I can rest easy now and leave for Myrtle Beach while the royals arrive in California.  I can easily go to one site now when I arrive at the beach cottage and know that my question on what Kate wore in California will be answered.

Talk to you all when I get back! 

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