What's Your Frame Style? (Giveaway)

Are you an old-timer like me, and remember taking film from your camera to the drug store to be developed?  You waited anxiously to get the photos back in an hour, and immediately put your best snapshots in a cute frame like this to display.

Courtesy of the Dahl House

Some of you may not even know what film looks like.  I found some old film in a shoe box from the '90s that I never bothered to develop just last week.  Film could be so frustrating. You would get the photos back, and sometimes they were over-exposed or had some type of line through them.  What a waste of money, but you were more upset that you didn't capture the memory. When digital cameras came along, it was like magic that we could see the photos immediately.  We could even delete ones like this.  Definitely not her best face!

In the beginning of the digital photo craze, I would upload my photos to a well-known website and order them almost immediately, and frame the ones I liked. But something happened. What?  I got backlogged.  I am not sure why, but pictures started staying on my computer, and I began having empty frames sitting around my home waiting for photos.

The Dahl House hand paints all their frames. 

Later, I joined Facebook.  My photos still weren't being printed, but I uploaded them for others to, at least see.  I think at last count, I shared over 132 photos on the social network.  It's ridiculous that I don't get around to printing photos and framing the best ones.   I love to look at framed photos when I go in a friend's home.  It creates warmth.   Frames make a house a home!  I always check to see if they have new frames or have added new photos in their frames.

I learned about the Dahl House, a small, Connecticut-based company that specializes in hand-painted frames, furniture and accessories, from some other blogs in the Spring.  Every item is hand-painted, therefore, no two items items are ever alike.  I became a fan of the company on Facebook and fell in love with their designs.  I eyed this pink sailboat collection, thinking it would add some pizazz to my mom's beach cottage, Surf Chalet,  in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

I think MiMa would like the anchor collection better due to her color scheme though.  I can see my daughter on the little step stool now brushing her teeth at the beach.  No matter your style, The Dahl House can also create custom designs for your decor.

So tell me. What is your frame style?  Are you more classic?

Monogram Collection

Or Merry!

Holiday Collection

Or Dotty!

Lots of Dots Collection
Or are you nautical chic?

Nautical Collection

Or are you more sentimental?

Family and Friends Collection

You need to tell me your frame style because Whitney, the designer behind the Dahl House, is giving away a hand-painted 5 by 7 frame to one of my lucky readers as a thank you from me for sticking with me week and week.  I appreciate the dedication.   The choice of the frame will be yours.  You can have it monogrammed with your initials or personalized with a name.

If you win, you have no excuse not to print your favorite photo and frame it.

How to Win

It's simple!
Follow my blog in either Google Friends, Facebook, Twitter or via E-mail
Visit the Dahl House website and tell you me your frame style
If you don't have a google ID, and are following via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter, use the anonymous tab to leave a comment, but remember to leave your name and e-mail so you can be notified if you are the winner. 

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Deadline to Enter this Giveaway is Sunday, July 17 at 11:59 pm. 

Good luck, and I've decided to go to North Myrtle Beach with MiMa for some fun and sun with the kids.  My posts may be a little sporadic, but I'll be reading your blogs and keeping up with you on Facebook.  I even have a new friend page if you want to join.

Disclosure: The Dahl House sponsored this post by offering one free frame as a giveaway to my readers.  In exchange for this post, I was also offered a 20 percent discount on merchandise.  Thank you to the Dahl House for working with the Hines-Sight Blog. 

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