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There’s been a lot of babble recently about how the savvy Duchess of Cambridge recycles her clothes, and wears them again at different events. So what if she does? This weekend, at the wedding of Prince William’s cousin, Zara Phillips, Kate attended wedding functions in clothes that she has worn before in public. Some garments have been in her closet awhile, dating back to 2006. Gasp! That is six years. Are fashionistas having panic attacks? The media praised her for not overshadowing the bride, and resorting to “recycled” understated elegance.

Courtesy of my favorite site, What Kate Wore
Courtesy of What Kate Wore
I have to admit that I like to see what she wears because her style is so classic, and if I had to dress for work then I would choose similar looks. That’s also why she can pull items out of her closet from five years ago because they are timeless pieces. It is fun to see new outfits, but truthfully, I expect this young woman to wear clothes that she has purchased more than once, even if she happens to be royalty.

Before marrying Prince William, she was known as a commoner, but she came from a family that was far from common. She could afford to buy $500 dollar dresses to wear around town, $600 dollar shoes, and $1200 dollar purses. If you are going to pay that much for a pair of shoes, then I think they should be seen again and again, and again.

I mean everyone in Raleigh has seen my $15.99 Old Navy shorts. They made their debut last spring when I was still losing baby weight. They were seen this summer, but this time, they were two sizes two big, but I wore them anyway.
Hello Magazine

So my thought is this, if I can recycle my outfits, I think this Duchess can, too. If she didn’t, then she would be called a clotheshorse, and would be compared to the likes of Paris Hilton or some starlet who is never seen twice in same outfit. We all know that most celebrities don’t pay a dime for their clothes anyway. They are just walking billboard for designers that many of us can’t even afford anyway. You can also bet your bottom dollar that I would be seen again in a $500 dress. Not to mention, I would mark through the price tag, and tell Mr. Piggybank that it was on sale for $50. It’s okay! He’ll never see this.

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