Trading Places with the Sitter: SOC Sunday

My husband and I went out on the town last night, for a short while anyway.  We did something we usually never do.  We waited for a table.  We typically always get reservations, march right into a restaurant, and have dinner immediately.  Last night, we stepped out of our box, and hit an eclectic, small, downtown Raleigh restaurant that has a “no reservations policy.”

A lot of other younger, yuppies had the same idea as us to go to Dos Taquitos at 7 p.m.  We were told our wait could be as long as an hour.  We squeezed into the small bar, and talked, looked at people, and had the best time that the two of us has had “on the town” in a while.   I actually felt like I was on a date again, and possibly ten years younger where I had a little less responsibility; namely Mr. Cool and Baby Diva.  I had not one margarita, but two.

Downtown Raleigh was happening, and fun.  When my husband and I were dating, this area was not hip, nor happening.  In fact, you wouldn’t want to go there after dark.  Like that Martina McBride song where she says, “this is for all you ladies, about 42, trying to find the fountain of youth," I felt myself wishing for that fountain.  I kind of wanted to go back in time, and live a little.

I asked my husband, “Do you sometimes wish we could be 25 or 30 again because downtown Raleigh is so much fun now?”

He asked, “You mean, single.  I didn’t know you back then.” That’s not what I meant.  When you are in your early 40s, and have small children, life is planned, and not very carefree.  You just can’t go out downtown on a whim, and stay out until midnight or later.  I feel the years slipping by me.  When it may actually be easier for us to go out in seven years, I’ll be (Gasp) 50.  The gap between us, and the young professionals will be even greater.

We looked at our watch.  It was 9 p.m.  We walked down the street, sat outside, and had another drink.  We watched people about ten years younger than us, just starting their night of fun.

We came home by 10 p.m., traded places with our sitter so she could begin her night of fun.  This middle-aged couple went to bed because the little ones don’t sleep in just because their parents got all wild and crazy for a night out on the town.
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