Counting our Blessings!

Yesterday, I was at my computer like normal writing a future post.  The kids were wrecking havoc in our playroom, and my husband was cleaning the inside of our cars.   I was oblivious to the news and the outside world.   My power starting flickering which doesn't make a blogger very happy, and I went to our garage to tell my husband, "We may lose power so you better get your shower now!"  I, of course, was in yoga pants, and had on no make-up.  I had a lot to do myself. We were to be at a dear friend's birthday party for their son in less than two hours.

I came inside, and within one minute, we lost power.  I saw that it was raining, and a tree branch fell.  My husband came in from the garage, and started yelling, "GET the KIDS and GET IN THE BATHROOM NOW!"

We got everyone together, and sat in our powder room under the staircase for what seemed like an eternity, but it was only six minutes.   We came out, and even though we were shocked by what we saw, we feel incredibly blessed that we are okay, and our home was not damaged.

You can barely see the front of our house due to the loss of this huge tree.

Our backyard sustained a lot of damage as well.  We were heartsick over the loss of our swing set and tree house.

The clean up will now begin.  There is lots to do.

It's going to take us awhile for our yard to look like this again.

But, we are counting our blessings tonight, and glad that we still have a home.

(My column for the News and Observer Triangle Mom2Mom site ironically talked about our backyard today, and how we are going to enjoy it this weekend instead of traveling.  Our Easter is not going to be quite like what planned.)

Until next time, I'm off to do some work.

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