It was already on my List...

No one is going to believe me now, but for the record, the Goring Hotel was on my "hotel list" long before a future princess chose it as the place to spend her last night as a commoner.  Catherine Middleton along with the Middleton family have chosen this family operated hotel adjacent to Buckingham Palace as their base for the royal nuptials.

All Images from The Goring Hotel Website

Likely story, you say!  But, it's so true and it's so me.  You see, my mother-in-law has been to England more times than I can count on my fingers since I've known my husband.   I think she may be even more of an Anglophile than me.  Since I'm stuck, oh...I mean have commitments at home, I live vicariously through her trips.  I'm probably the only one in the family who goes through all of her hotel links when she sends them before a trip in case of an emergency.   She has not stayed at the Goring Hotel, but she had lunch there followed by a tour.  Her travel companion that year was a good friend who is also a travel agent.   Look carefully at the gorgeous rooms.

Do you notice anything that is just....well....Baaautiful?  Look again.

Adorable little sheep footstools are found everywhere in the hotel.  Catherine Middleton may just prop her feet on one of these fuzzy delights the night before her wedding.  Upon returning from her trip, my mother-in-law talked about these sheep footstools, and how she wanted to buy one.  The hotel even gave her the name of the company who makes them.  To make a long story short, she decided that she didn't know where to put one in her house and never placed an order.   We talked about these footstools this week since The Goring Hotel is in the news a lot these days.  I asked her if she regretted not placing that order, and her immediate answer was, "YES!"   Too bad I won't be able to put my own feet on her sheep footstool as I watch the royal wedding at her house on Friday!  She should have placed that order!

Since my blog is a very kid-friendly blog, I have to tell you that this hotel rolls out the red carpet for the little ones.  The hotel hosts a bedtime story library, children can go to the kitchen where their own apron and chef hat awaits them which they will use to help decorate cookies and cakes while parents enjoy afternoon tea alone.

However, the best perk for the little ones is on their pillows, there will be a gift pack that includes their very own cuddly "Baaa-bara sheep." I wonder if Catherine will get one, too as a little memento of her stay before transforming into a Princess?

Before I say until next time, there will be one lucky Hines-Sight Blog reader who can feel like a princess when she visits the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.  This morning, my son woke way before he should have on a Monday.  I guess he is prepping me for the royal wedding this week because when he tapped me on the shoulder, my clock said 5:00 AM.   He never went back to sleep.

I put him to work.

Congratulations, Stacy Reynolds! You have just won two estate passes to the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC.

I thank everyone for becoming new Facebook fans and Google followers during this give-away.   I hope to have another give-away soon, and I thank everyone who reads my blog.  You are the reason I keep writing.

Until next time, I'll be waiting to hear from Stacy so I can send her on her way to the Biltmore.

I am participating in the Post of the Month Club from Happy Homemaker U.K. If you are hopping over from this site.  Welcome!


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