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Like most wedding guests, I've now got my feet up on the couch, (well, make that on the foot rest under my computer desk) and I am reminiscing about the fun I had today watching the wedding of the century.

These photos from Hello Magazine capture some of the best parts of the day for me.

Seeing these two princes leave Clarence House and arriving at Westminster Abbey was my most emotional moment.  In fact, I tear up thinking about it because I remember when they were born (It saddens me to think I'm now at the age to remember this), and I vividly remember them walking behind their mother's casket in 1997.  It's nice to see happiness in their lives.   Don't you agree? The story of a royal marrying a commoner is what makes the headlines and is truly what fairytales are made of, but for me, the greatest story today is not so much about the bride's story, but rather, a public prince finds the same happiness that we all want and seek in our lives.  I think this is why I got so emotional today when Prince William and Prince Harry made their first appearance out of the cathedral.   They also looked dashing!

I love this shot of Catherine as she steps out of the car where we get to see her dress for the first time, and her exquisite bouquet.   When you think of a princess on her wedding day, this image depicts that beauty for me.   Classic! Regal! Beautiful!

Image Credit

As a mom, I love the children.

The grandeur of this carriage, the tiara, the military uniform, and the smiles of a new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is why we Americans say that no one does pomp and circumstance better than the British royal family.

As my mother-in-law and I watched the news while everyone was inside Buckingham having canapes and champagne, we couldn't help, but wish there was an inside camera.  Luckily, Hello Magazine now features the two wedding cakes.  They look so yummy!

Image credits
Once they ate cake, the day was sealed with a kiss.

Courtesy of Hello

I was  glad that my mother-in-law had me as her house guest so that I could watch this royal wedding without the interruption of little ones, and I even got my own something blue today in honor of this wedding of the century.   I'm having tea in my new Burleigh china royal wedding cup.

Burleigh, est. 1851

She purchased one entire set for each one of us and surprised me with it when I arrived at her home.   One on of her trips to London, she bought a few pieces of china by Burleigh while at Harrods, and the wedding pieces match the china pattern that she bought to the "tea".

Well, it's been a great day and I have been up since 3:00 a.m.   Guess I was too excited too sleep.

Until next time, I'm off to count the minutes until bedtime.   But before I go off into dreamland, visit my friend, Happy Homemaker U.K, for her Post of the Month Club which will run this weekend.   I will be participating. And since I like doing travel pieces the most in my blog.  My favorite post is "It was already on my List".


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