When A Sitter Marries...

Wedding experts predict that we will start to see more and more children walk down the aisle with brides in the U.S. since seven children will part of Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding party on Friday.  What little girl wouldn't want to be part of a wedding?  Perhaps if I had been in a wedding as a child then it would have curtailed my desire to be a bridesmaid so badly when the first of my friends became engaged.   The role of flower girls, junior bridesmaids, and ring-bearers are often times reserved for family members of the bride and groom, but sometimes little boys and girls get lucky, and a special babysitter becomes a bride.

This was the case for my 10-year old nephew, and 7-year old niece.  Their longtime babysitter married last September in a beautiful outdoor wedding on a farm near Greensboro, NC.  The two were thrilled to be part of this special occasion.   Their relationship with the bride goes back to her college years, and I remember her bringing my nephew who was then my daughter's age to my own wedding.

This was a special time for my niece and nephew, and this wedding was just too gorgeous not to share with all of you. 

Alea Moore Photography

My niece and nephew had a wonderful time in this wedding.  Seeing these photos make me want do what they do in the soaps. I'll marry husband again, and put my own children in it.  

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Until next time, I'm off to grab a cup of tea, and wait for the Easter bunny to arrive.  Happy Easter!

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