Spring Break, but Is It Really a Break?

School is out!  I remember when I was in school and couldn't wait to be out of school. I have now learned that unless you pack up and go to the tropics on vacation, spring break really isn't much of a break for parents, is it?  Since pre-school is so much fun, my son would rather be there, and instead of being here bored.  It's also more work for me as I try to entertain him, and I have less time to write.   So, what are we doing?

Well, right now the two are sleeping so I'm doing a catch up post quickly.   When he is awake, my son is watching a lot of TV, and then we go outside and play around the downed trees in our yard.   I will say that it is nice not to rush in the morning.  As I type this, I'm still in my PJs, and could possibly still be in them by 10 a.m.

We bought "Baby Diva" some sunglasses because she would tear up in the sun.  She now wants to wear them all the time.

Only a grandma would give in to these type of demands.  I found the "Baby Diva" eating lunch in her glasses when my mom came to visit.   We are walking around our neighborhood, and posing with downed trees.  My son is pretending to be a newscaster and telling his "viewers" about the storms.  I heard him say, "We'll be right back after these commercials."  That may be a sign that I need to curtail the telly.

As we take this break from school, and my blogging and writing time shrinks to almost none, I wanted to take some time to thank a few bloggers who have given this blog some awards.

I am thrilled to receive the Stylish Blogger award from: Life with Elizabeth and Bob's Your Uncle.   I have enjoyed getting to know both of these bloggers, and look forward to their posts.   Elizabeth just got engaged and is planning a wedding so you know that "I'm all over that one and get so excited when she reveals new details."   MNUKGIRL is an expat living in England.  It's great getting her perspective living in another country.

I also received the One Lovely Blog award from Sundresses and Smiles.   Allie is in college, and I love reliving those wonderful days with her.  I just wished she lived near me then I would add her to my sitter list, and we could chat in person.

When you get these awards, you are to reveal seven random fun things.  Let's see!  I'm not very much fun these days, but I can certainly be random so here it goes.

1. One of my news media friends and I remained close friends through the years.   He's actually my son's godfather.  We talk a lot about our past jobs and that being a member of the news media was a pain in our (let me clean it up) rear end.  The other night after all these storms, he sent me a one line e-mail on Facebook, "Aren't you glad you don't have to work in this mess?"  The answer is YES.   However, I could cheat a little and report from my own backyard.   There are some things I miss about television reporting, but working all hours in tragedy and disaster is not one of them.

2.  I love having a son, but I have to admit that I shed a tear of joy when the ultrasound tech told us I was expecting a girl.  Maybe it was the emotion being 40 and knowing this was our last child.  We had two miscarriages prior my pregnancy with her.   I feel blessed to have both genders in my life, but a little thrilled to have a "Baby Diva."

3. I try to avoid shopping centers because it makes me want to buy things so I just try not to go shopping.  I am in need of a new dress for a wedding in May so got to find one, right?

4. My husband says I am addicted to the Internet. I think he's right!  I can't go by the computer without checking my e-mail, Facebook account, or blog comments.  I may need an intervention.

5. I have not watched soap operas in a very long time, but I felt a lump in my throat when I heard there would be an end to All My Children and One Life to Live.   I have a favorite story that I must share.  It's from my college friend who lives in Finland.  He and I used to write long letters to each other in the 90's before there was e-mail.  We've always kept in touch.  He told me this story one time, and I thought it was so funny.  The Finnish love the soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful.   He used to have some of his students to tell him that their grandmothers would tell them NOT to call when that soap was on the air.  One year, he wrote me the following e-mail and I rolled off my chair.    I made him tell it to me again so I could share it with you.

The Finns have to pay a TV fee, just like the Brits do. And, in Finland there are "TV police" who come around to check whether or not you have a TV. So, there was this funny cartoon that showed a TV police person outside someone's apt door. And, you see a guy poking his outside the door with an angry look on his face. The caption read: "No, I do NOT have a television. And, never come back here again during the Bold & the Beautiful time!"

Ah, I feel that way about a lot of things.  Good thing for peep holes, and caller ID.

6. I have a fear of cooking sweet potatoes.  When my son was six months old, I cooked a sweet potato for lunch in the microwave.  It caught on fire, set off the smoke alarm, and melted the microwave.  Smoke filled the house.  I grabbed my sleeping baby, called 911, and waited for the firemen.   I get a little nervous now when I cook a sweet potato, and I never ever cook one in the microwave.

7. I have a bad habit of extending my child's naps so I can finish something.  I'm doing that now so I must run so that my little one can start her day.  I must say goodbye and a big thank you to the bloggers who awarded me with these blogging awards.

Until next time, I'm off to stay busy during Spring Break!

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