How Santa Saved My Marriage

That’s not really a true statement.  My marriage didn’t need saving, but Christmas 2011 shaped up to be one of my favorites thanks to my Santa listening to me this year.

That is true!  We've had a fun, special Christmas. 

Santa got us "his and her" smartphones.  Bye, Bye, old flipphone.

My husband and I are acting like newlyweds sitting on our couch late at night looking at our phones.

We are so in love.
My Samsung Galaxy S II

I look at luxury hotel websites, and he downloads apps.   Occasionally, we get so excited that we kiss.  It’s pure bliss.

Even though I was the one who really wanted the phone and told him so for about six months prior to Christmas, I think my husband is loving the gift just as much as me.

And as I type this post, he’s clicking away on his little phone. 

Santa also left me two sexy bras, and a pair of tall black UGG boots.  He also left my husband a plush robe, and sexy pajama pants.

With these types of gifts, how could I not say Santa saved my marriage?

We spent New Year's day getting ornaments off our tree.  Too bad there is not an app for that! 

Well, 2012 is here.  

So Happy New Year to you!

And now you know ......


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