Leigh’s Frivolous Friday: Do you have Kitchen Clutter?

Clutter is a dirty word in our house, but yet it intrudes in our home like it is a welcomed guest.  We have it everywhere, especially in the kitchen. My husband would be a minimalist if he could, but two small children and an unorganized wife have kept him from his dreams.

I plop the mail and magazines on the counter island.  Kindergarten newsletters and preschool art comes in at a rapid pace daily, and we are slow to go through the masterpieces.  I talked about the art dilemma last year but still haven’t done my coffee table book yet.  Maybe by the time my son graduates high school,  it will get done.  

Anyway, this is not working.

Collecting recipes and stuffing them in books are not good ideas.  I don’t even know what recipes are in here now, and no wonder my husband says he never sees the same meal twice on our table.  He’s being a little dramatic, but there is some truth to it.

My friend Amy is much better organized than I, and she is planning her meals one month at a time now.  I was at her house not too long ago, and she was having “Leigh’s fish” on Thursday.

I asked, “What’s that?”

She said, “You know, it’s the fish you make all the time?”

I looked surprised. “What fish? The one with tomatoes?”

Since she is organized, she pulled the recipe for me. 

The recipe was from 2009, when I was pregnant with my daughter.  The baked fish dish did not have tomatoes. Apparently, giving birth that November wiped out some brain cells because I had totally forgotten about this great recipe.

She was right.  My words were right there in print. “We love this fish.  We eat it all the time.  It’s simple and easy.”

And here was a simple and easy fish recipe that got lost in my kitchen.

Lost in recipe clutter.

I found it sandwiched between papers and whipped up the entrée this week.

It's good.  I won't lose the recipe again. 

My goal is to do something about this clutter.

Recipe notebooks are a good way to organize. 

Some companies will even customize books for you to add a little personal pizazz.

I cook a lot.  I read a lot of recipes, and I try a lot of recipes.  I can’t blog about every one of them, but many are worth sharing like the fish dish.  Also, since I’m not a food photographer, my dishes don’t always look that great in photos, but they do taste good.   I’ve talked about some of the meals I’ve made on Facebook, and some of you have remarked that you want the recipes.  As a result, I’m going to start posting recipes that I think are winners in the news feeds on Fridays.  You will be able to find those on my Facebook page under notes, and I will be posting the fish recipe there today along with a few others.  I am choosing a specific day of the week so that you will know to look for new recipes each week.   

And finally, get ready to browse through a lot of scrumptious recipes on Friday, January 27.  I’m teaming up with Daphne from Flip Flop and Pearls to co-host, “Let’s Eat, Y’all.”  If you are a blogger, link up with us.  If you don’t blog, then I hope this linkup will be a good new source for you to find recipes.

I’m sure I’ll be collecting some new recipes, so I better start getting organized.  How do you organize your recipes? How do you deal with kitchen clutter? 

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