Oh, Fudge! Don't Mess with my TV Show

I am very loyal to my TV shows.  Golden Globe winner “Modern Family” is the first show I watch off my DVR each week.  If you don’t have a DVR, it comes on live on ABC every Wednesday at 9 p.m.  Not too late in the evening, but not too early, either.

Last week, the sitcom dropped a bomb, so to speak, that stirred up a lot of controversy.  Lily, the 2-year-old daughter of gay parents Cam and Mitchell, innocently said the “F” word several times on the show.  The bleeped-out F word was really the word “fudge.” The 4-year-old actress who plays Lily never really cursed, but through bleep and blurry editing, the writers, once again, hysterically portrayed how parents deal with real-life situations.
 Cam, the lovable and flamboyant character, giggled as soon as he heard it and had to walk away.  Mitchell’s mouth flew wide open.  That is the humor in this storyline.  How do we react as parents to the unexpected?

Every parent at some time or another has had to deal with this sort of thing. 

I am not proud of it, but I have had my own giggle moments.  No one has dropped the F-bomb in my house yet, but just the other day I inappropriately laughed when my son made a remark.

His dad and I were in my daughter’s room after their baths, and he ran into the room while we were dressing her.  All he had on his body was a hooded-dragon towel.  He stated, “My pee pee is like a little person that is always cutting in line.”  Of course, he positioned his body as if there was indeed another little person in the room, cutting in line.

It caught me off guard.  Like Cam, I giggled.  My husband, who has more control, told him to get dressed and quit clowning around.  He passed.  I failed.

As parents, we deal with the unexpected.  Sometimes good!  Sometimes bad!   This show captured it beautifully, and more importantly, it is just a show to provide adults who are also parents with some much-needed laughs.  Parenting is a tough, hard job, and we just need a good laugh after the kids go to bed.

The Parents Television Council criticized the show by saying that more and more children will be trying to emulate that behavior, so they were against this plotline.  A no-cuss club was, too.  Just because the show has kids in it does not mean it is a show for children.  First off, it comes on TV on a school night.  It runs at 9 p.m.  Kids shouldn’t be watching this show in the first place.

 My thoughts: Kids, go the fudge to bed. It’s late, and it’s Mom and Dad’s TV time. 

What do you think?  Are you with me or against me? 

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