January CliffsNotes Plus Some New Tidbits on Moi

My son got his first report card on Friday, and it really dawned on me that his first school year is almost over.

Life is flying by.  Let’s face it: January flew by. 

In the blink of an eye, we went from singing “Jingle Bells” to buying Valentines.  Well, in my house, we’re still singing “Jingle Bells” because it’s Baby Diva’s favorite song, currently.  That and “Happy Birthday!”

Winter is almost over, and from the weather forecast in North Carolina as of late, Mother Nature thinks it is spring.

Come on, really?  A high of 67 degrees in January.

But, this is what I really want to say. You know it.  I know it.  Life is busy, and we just don’t have that much time on the Internet in between life’s chaos. 

I read a lot of blogs, and I’m finding myself just being able to hit one or two daily, a handful weekly, and some just monthly.  I know life is like that for you, too.

To make things simpler for our busy lifestyles, I’m going to update you some on my posts.  Let’s call it the Hines-Sight Blog CliffsNotes.  I also used to joke about my past career in TV news because our stories were always like “CliffsNotes.”  You would need to read the newspaper to get the full story.

Earlier this month, I reported on how “Santa Saved Our Marriage.”  We are still in love with our smartphones, and they actually make us smarter right on the spot.  Will and I went to the Raleigh Times Bar for dinner on Saturday before the N.C. State game. 

Raleigh Times Bar.  Enjoying a nice, Highland Black Mocha Stout

Over a delicious black mocha stout brewed in Asheville, N.C., I asked, “Wonder what the cheap seats are selling for when Elton John comes to town in March.”

Without blinking an eye, he says, “Let’s see!”

Yeah, he loves that little phone.

We were then given the trivial knowledge that for $27 you could see Sir Elton, or maybe not? The seats are probably behind the stage.  How on earth would we have survived dinner had we not had this profound knowledge at our fingertips?  Just fine, I’m sure. 

Pancuito will be our destination in February
But while at this restaurant, we did set up another dinner with my mother-in-law for February at Panciuto in Hillsborough, N.C., via a few emails.

We’re going to drive an hour to eat at this well-ranked restaurant outside of Chapel Hill, N.C., and we think it’s going to be so worth it.  The owner/chef, a North Carolina native, has received many national accolades as of late.

 It would have been a tragedy to wait two more days to make the reservation had we not had our phones.  Someone could have nabbed our reservation time slot.  Do you think?

I cannot wait to try all the new recipes that have been linked up with my post, “Let’s Eat Some Mac and Cheese, Y’all,” this month.  There are some great ones, including my own scrumptious macaroni and cheese.

Daphne from Flip Flops and Pearls and I will have the next linkup Feb. 24.  In the meantime, I do put recipes in the news feeds on Facebook each Friday,  and you can also check out this great savory pie recipe from earlier this month.

It’s my way of giving you more kitchen clutter.  Right?  I still haven’t done anything about that, either.

I’m really trying to hold to my goals in the post, “Let’s Burn Some Butter.”  It’s hard to choose exercise in the morning, but I’ve stayed on target with my goals — most days.  I have not cut back my food intake, though, and from the photo you saw from the Raleigh Times Bar, I still have a weakness for some high-calorie items.

With that said, I have lost about two pounds this month, only if I continue to drink lots of water, even if my glass of water is not as pretty as in the photo above.  If I slack off on water, I’m like a bloated bullfrog, and those pounds plus more are back on the scale.

In travel news, almost everyone said they would plan a beach vacation over a ski vacation if they were planning a trip right now. Of course, I did make you choose between two Four Seasons Resorts.  I mean, really, how could you possibly choose?  I gave you tons of tips this month on using Tripadvisor, which I hope will help make your vacation planning easier.

See you back in here in February, and for the record, we’re still giving up our leisurely Saturday mornings, but are bringing Krispy Kreme doughnuts home each week, and apparently Baby Diva sensed why I was not ready for potty.  She’s lost all interest.  And of course you know where to find me every Wednesday night now, and, hopefully, I’ve learned some lessons in parenting along the way.

I also hope that Dee in Charlotte is doing some Southern cooking.  She won the cookbook from the post, "Recipes from the Best Place to Live in America."

And that’s January’s CliffsNotes!  Congrats; In just one post, you’re caught up now.

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