Let's Burn Some Butter

I think from Dec. 1 to the first day of 2012, I may have eaten six sticks of butter.

 Um, make that eight!

No, I didn’t actually eat butter straight from the fridge, but the butter went into a Japanese fruit pie, cookies, cakes, and other pies.  

All that butter is clinging to me now on my backside.  I feel as if I’m carrying a 12-layer chocolate cake on my right cheek, and 12 dozen peanut-butter balls on my left cheek.

Were all those Christmas calories worth it?

You bet your peanut butter balls, they were! Oh, and the two ladyfingers covered in powdered sugar were, too.  At one bite, that scrumptious Christmas cookie took me back to my childhood and into my Grandma Powell’s kitchen.  It’s amazing how one bite of a good cookie can release a flood of happy memories.

I told my husband as I licked the powdered sugar off my lips,  “I’ve got to embrace my inner grandma and find a signature dish that my kids will look forward to having when they come home for the holidays.”

He assured me that I didn’t have to rush because I still have 12 years before our son goes off to college. 

That’s good news because I was not successful tapping into my inner grandma this year at all.  I was a complete baking failure.  My Japanese fruit pie was not a hit with the kids one bit.  My husband doesn’t care for coconut, and, well, my mom, who was our guest, can’t eat nuts.

So, guess who ate it?

Yeah, it was me.  That particular pie had only one stick of butter.  The other seven sticks of butter were in other items made by wonderful bakers.

So what’s up with all this talk about butter?  

Well, I’m going to burn some butter, baby!   

That’s right. I want to get back into my diet and fitness routine for 2012.  When I lost 43 pounds after the birth of my daughter, I exercised a lot.  My clothes fit well, and I felt well. I had energy, and it also stabilized my moods.  I also have a hearty appetite, so exercise is key to maintaining my weight and boosting my metabolism, especially after the age of 40.

However, something unthinkable happened last year.  I started my blog in January 2011, and my morning exercise routine was quickly replaced with a few morning tweets and a lot of sitting at a computer. 

If I don’t exercise as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning, then it is likely that I will not exercise at all.  My hearty eating habits didn’t change, so it’s not surprising that I ended 2011 five pounds heavier than when I started the year.  Oops! Weighed today.  Make that six pounds heavier than last January.

My goal for 2012 is to lose my blogging pounds.  You can become a fitness pal with me on my blog’s Facebook page if you want to help me with my journey.  My goal is to exercise at least five times a week.  If you have some fitness goals this year, then perhaps we can motivate each other to keep us moving.  I figured that if I publicly wrote my goal, then I would stay motivated to make it happen.

Let’s get moving and burn that butter in 2012.  Happy New Year!

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